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1. The Truth About Alkaline Water - David Sharpe (53 min) CLICK HERE 


2.  Demonstration - This shows the different levels and properties of the waters (30 min) CLICK HERE

3.  Water Ionization Consumer Guide - This is a newer technology. It is important to have factual information (53 min) CLICK HERE

4.  Healthy Pets - by Dr. Tim Crowe, DVM (10 Min)  CLICK HERE

5.  How The Body Can Self-Heal - Dr. Barry Awe (1 hr) CLICK HERE

6.  Cancer: The Forbidden Cures - Important Documentary (1:13 min) CLICK HERE

7.  Getting The Most From Your Water Samples CLICK HERE

8.   Alkaline/Acid Food Chart CLICK HERE

9.  BONUS - Get This New Technology for FREE (4 min) CLICK HERE















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